As the story goes, John and Hank Green asked Nerdfighter Esther Earl (now a published author) to decide how the community would celebrate her birthday every year. Given the opportunity to create a holiday, Esther chose to make it about love, family, and friends. When John uploaded the first annual video in August of 2010, he said “The words we use to describe the things we feel matter. [...] So maybe Esther Day is the day where we think, ‘who do I love who I have trouble saying I love you to?’”

Esther passed away from thyroid cancer later that month; she was sixteen.

Since then, Nerdfighters have participated in Esther Day, celebrating the power and importance of love. Videos are uploaded, songs are sung, and we tell the people we love that we love them in no uncertain terms.


The Esther Day Project is supported by: This Star Won’t Go Out, The Harry Potter AllianceEff Yeah Nerdfighters!, LeakyCon, Penguin BooksMTV Act, The Dinner Party, Evanna Lynch, Anthony RappPottercast, LeakyNews, and the Leaky Cauldron.