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We are still accepting toy donations!

For a list of suggested toys see the Amazon list!

Thanks to everyone who donated toys, time, funds, and love to this awesome event.  We've already delivered toys to some of our recipients, with more to go later in the month.

Quidditch News

Hollywood Harpies Is Recruiting New Members!

Due to crazy schedules and long distances, the Harpies' team is currently on hiatus.  However, if you would like to help with a little team revitalization, please let us know via the Harpies’ Facebook page.

Other questions?  Email us!  quidditch@aurorbrigade.org

Past Event Information

Accio Books 2018   

Thanks to everyone who assisted with collecting, sorting and distributing our 5,288 books!  

Well done Aurors!   

Accio Books!     Coastal Cleanup     Esther Day     

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